high school goes acoustic: acoustic versions of your favorite songs from high school

posted on June 20, 2014

i guess when i say “acoustic versions of your favorite songs from high school”, i really mean “acoustic versions of MY favorite songs from high school” but just as long as you had high school grade emo-punk tendencies in the years surrounding 2003, you’ll appreciate this playlist.


01 absinthe party at the fly honey // minus the bear
02 cute without the ‘e’ // taking back sunday
03 nobody puts baby in the corner // fall out boy
04 knew it all along // midtown
05 the best of me // the starting line
06 woe // say anything
07 view from heaven // yellow card
08 masterpiece // bayside
09 the middle // jimmy eat world
10 i want to hear you sad // the early november
11 junesong provision // coheed & cambria
12 giving it away // mae
13 i was a teenage anarchist // against me!
14 shallow // unwritten law
15 san dimas high school football rules // the ataris
16 from california // the new amsterdams
17 all downhill from here // new found glory
18 you vandal // saves the day

listen to “high school goes acoustic” on spotify »


guys from your fav screamo bands & their new completely different bands

posted on June 03, 2014

were you into realscreamo™/”skramz"/emotive hardcore/whatever you want to call it?

i feel like most screamo bands kept pretty low profiles. i didn’t think i’d have much luck with googling where they are today - but i was wrong! and all i can say is daaaamn, guys from screamo bands sure cleaned up nice.

alex suarez // kite flying society ⇒ cobra starship

i love kite flying society and think of them as a young protégé of saetia (the quintessential screamo band, imo). like greg drudy of saetia, alex suarez was also a man of humble floridian origin who would eventually find his big break in new york city - via meeting myspace renaissance man gabe saporta (aka gossip girl coke dealer, gap jeans model, also midtown frontman for street cred) and joining his fashionable “emo pop” band cobra starship. 

(you can actually stream kite flying society’s entire discography online. it’s all up on bandcamp thanks to init records. <3)

photo credits: 1 | 2

nicholas sadler // daughters ⇒ fang island

i remember a heated thread on the scene forum of my hometown about whether or not girls should attend the daughters show. daughters’ shows were known for being prettttty chaotic and lyrics like “if every woman was a continent, i would be napoleon” didn’t make them the most favored band among the girls (case in point heard in first 10 seconds here - “you’re an asshole - stop talking about fucking women”). anyway, the guitarist went on to attend risd and start an indie rock band - fang island - who have been described as “majestic” and “giddy” and incidentally, have also made it to the gossip girl rotation.

photo credits: 1 | 2

erik ratensperger // jerome’s dream ⇒ the virgins

i once thought jerome’s dream got their biggest claim to fame via having tim heidecker as a fan…but apparently their drummer erik ratensperger went on to be the lead designer for mishka in addition to joining the virgins, a stylish band in the vein of the killers or phoenix that were also in heavy rotation on gossip girl and good friends with chrissie miller (dj, clothing designer and girlfriend to leo fitzpatrick). whew. much fame and glamour. 

photo credits: 1 | 2

marc bianchi // indian summer ⇒ her space holiday

both indian summer and her space holiday have been top favorite bands of mine at one point or another - i had no idea the two were related until this week! this blog explains indian summer perfectly and this interview is a great story of marc bianchi’s transition from post-hardcore to synthpop. and this re-pressing of the indian summer 7” by german label adagio830 is very beautiful. i own it; you should too.

oh, her space holiday has not been featured on gossip girl to my knowledge. 

photo credits: 1 | 2

i guess i should mention that gossip girl was one of my favorite teen drama shows of all time. like i was one of those people that still secretly followed it in 2012. it was the screamo link. it all makes sense now.


5 things scene girls of the early-00’s hearted

posted on June 02, 2014

once upon a time, it was edgy and sophisticated to be a scene girl. scene girls of the early-00’s revolutionized alt fashion and knew how to use the internet to their advantage before the rest of the world did.

1. e.c. star


(photos via ecstar.net cache and 2003 issue of alt press)

e.c. star was an indie clothing company that made cardigans embroidered with all the requisite scene motifs: cherries, nautical stars, skulls, spiderwebs and guns. 

2. shotgun blast haircut 


(photo via count the stars album cover)

the prototype for myspace hair, the shotgun blast was short, asymmetrical, spiky and v authentic and fresh for its time. 

3. angelfire


(via random girl’s amazing scene website that i found)

before facebook, myspace or even livejournal, scene girls took the initiative of keeping everyone looped in by putting show listings, pics and other scene info up on their own personally-run websites, often hosted on angelfire. 

4. tightpants livejournal community


photos via not-quite-defunct tightpants community (posts 1 & 2)

this is a place where boys posted pics of themselves in girl jeans purchased from the juniors section of jcpenney or kohl’s (example of specific styles mentioned: “size 2 zana di”, “size 1 paris blues”) for girls to gawk at and comment with things like “sex” “hawt” “**purrrrrr**”.

community mantra:
boys in tight pants
wearing tight shirts
their pelvic thrusts
their mic stand sex
they know just how we like it.
and look good while doing it.
post pictures.
share news.
give us your bodies.

what it must have felt like to be a teenage boy starved for the approval of hundreds of scene girls across the country :-P

5. gauged ears / facial piercings


photo saved from hot-fashion 10ish years ago (rip, but points if you were a member! more points if you remember this person.)

scene girls made something perceived as daunting and uncouth into an elegant and feminine look that even clean-cut, vanilla sorority girls eventually adopted - i knew two in college that had side lip studs! i think they copied me:


really old selfie, i know i look the same *teehee* but this be 10 years ago -_-


throwback thursday: dreaming of the fifth / evelynn split

posted on May 01, 2014

once upon a time 90’s-influenced emo and thrashy metalcore were cut from the same cloth and this 2001 dreaming of the fifth / evelynn split is a great example.

bigger bands didn’t pass through my hometown a whole lot so, as a music-obsessed teenager, i held out a lot of hope for lesser-known bands to fill the void. when dreaming of the fifth and evelynn (from texas) toured together in 2002, they played the skate park where i worked and i felt like it respectively fulfilled a void for bands like the appleseed cast and zao.

of course, dreaming of the fifth and evelynn both shine on their own. this was a long-anticipated, memorable show and the split album is definitely worth a listen.

the split was released through pluto records, a texas-based label responsible for a couple more notables in metalcore, namely luti-kriss/norma jean. someone had the graciousness to upload what might be the entire label discography to bandcamp for you to enjoy here.

sidenote: evelynn is not to be confused with this newer myspace-core band from illinois.

the OG evelynn comprised members of between the buried and me and put on an amazing show. i had the privelege of seeing evelynn a couple more times before they broke up in early 00’s. while there aren’t a whole lot of traces of their existence on the internet, i did come across this old bootleg…check it out:


8 reasons why i’m down with 2014 

posted on April 24, 2014

1. braid got back together.

and they’re signed to topshelf records and a new album is underway. topshelf = the new deep elm / equal vision, if you haven’t heard.

2. owls released a new album.

owls was a great transition band for me as i evolved from emo teen to indie pothead. now i’m some confused amalgamation of the two so this is release is pretty perfectly timed.

3. onelinedrawing released a new album.

once upon a time ago, a guy named jonah matranga fronted a band with members of texas is the reason and chamberlain and they put out great music and then vanished. jonah used kickstarter to put out a new onelinedrawing album this year.

4. fairweather released a new album.

my fav song from the new album, love it. despite not releasing any music for what, 10, 11 years? these guys haven’t missed a beat.

5. sunny day real estate put out an unreleased track.

it arrived in the form of a 7” split with circa survive…best record store day treat ever.

6. american football are playing some reunion shows.

tickets on sale tomorrow at noon EST.

7. the jazz june released a new song.

also now signed to topshelf, a new song has arrived from the jazz june in the form of a 7” with young band dikembe. i’m a little shocked about this but in a good way. it’s got this 90’s indie rock feel, like superchunk or built to spill, but still feels like the jazz june.

8. mineral announced a reunion tour.

09-05 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
09-06 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
09-09 Washington, DC - Black Cat
09-10 Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
09-11 Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
09-12 Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop
11-02 Gainesville, FL - The Fest 13

i’m still in shock over this. this band is like two generations of legendary away from me. i first discovered them because they were referenced as influences in an old ataris song, a band that i also considered legendary. and who’s opening for them? ♥ into it. over it. ♥

can ya fuckin believe all this? thank you world.


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