ever wondered if any of your fav teen show characters were scene?

posted on September 19, 2014

seth cohen (who i think of as the OG on-screen emo) from the oc almost cuts it by repping atom and his package but mostly he just evolves into a college radio / comic book nerd.


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according to the veronica mars movie, the hardcore scene in neptune exists via converge and alkaline trio bumper stickers.


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troy the chilled-out older friend from my life as liz has a legit bane hoodie layered over what is probably a marvel tee shirt. more comic book nerds into scene music! 


craig was the OG emo on degrassi but he left the little guys behind to tour with taking back sunday and be bff with pete wentz. crazy eli is the new dark scene kid in town. how many scene band posters can you make out in his room? note: also really into comic books.


how come almost all the scene tv show kids are also comic book nerds?

is hollywood getting lazy and just combining high school misfit stereotypes?

who’s your favorite scene tv show character? 

are there any others not featured on this list? lemme know! i have a love for teen tv shows and a lot of free time. 


makeoutclub missed connections: karl from atlanta

posted on September 11, 2014

when i was in high school, opportunities to see my favorite bands were extremely few and far between. the bigger bands rarely came through my town and when they did, i had to hope that it wouldn’t be an 18+ situation. 

finally i became resourceful enough to lurk makeoutclub for cool people in neighboring cities in hopes of finding a couple of buddies to meet up with should i ever decide to travel to see a show.

karl was several years older than me and seemed cooler than anyone i had ever known. he was so chill and lived a life that i envied and aspired to have. he gave no shits about his job, liked to go out and have fun, played in a band, looked how he wanted to look and had a bunch of cool, like-minded friends. the recipe for a happy life appeared so much simpler when i was 16.

karl was always down to chat about pop punk bands, cool shows and tattoo ideas. karl had a friend that worked at universal music and said if i ever wanted cd’s he could send them to me for free. i thought this was the coolest fucking thing ever (fun fact: a decade later i, too, would work at universal music). on top of that, he lended an ear whenever i wanted to complain about my trivial high school issues and he said we could for sure hang out should i ever trek down to atlanta for a show. 

finally, in november of 2002, i made secret plans to sleepover at a friend’s house when in reality we were going to drive down to atlanta to see a new found glory, something corporate and finch.

i was ready to go and karl was ready for me to arrive.

but the trip never happened. as you can see from the journal entry, there was a lot of drama in the air at the time. i’ve forgotten what the fuss was about but highly likely it was stupid. my friend bailed on me at the last minute and i didn’t have the balls to go to atlanta alone. 

karl was expecting me and disappointed when i didn’t show. i wish more than anything that i’d gone and gotten a taste of the perceived life that i’d wanted. 

there are numerous journal entries bemoaning this missed opportunity. i’d like to think that i’ve done enough in my adult life to make up for this but i think i will always be a little bit sad that i didn’t get to experience it when it mattered the most.

as for karl, i have no idea where he is now. we haven’t spoken in any internet capacity in well over a decade. 

i hope he is well!


scene tee shirt cute boy memories

posted on September 11, 2014

there was a time in my life when a boy caught my eye not with his hairstyle, the music he was into or the tightness of his pants, but with his band tee shirt.

the band tee shirt meant a lot. it represented a boy’s commitment to music - his willingness to travel, to step outside of his suburban comfort zone to see his favorite band play…an experience awesome enough to commemorate with a tee shirt. this very legit way was pretty much the only means of acquiring band tee shirts back in places & times of no cool shows and no hot topics and no credit cards for mail order.

the only other way (that i can think of) was to beg friends to bequeath their swag to him…but then it just meant he had mega cool friends. i can’t begin to describe my admiration for the boy who had enough shirts to rotate them daily for months.

here are some memorable shirts and the crushes that wore them:

1. norma jean “support southern rock” rifles tee


remember when guns were iconic in scene fashion? the first i ever knew of this was via this shirt, worn by southern christian (and usually straightedge) metalcore qt’s who rolled en masse. that’s right, entire crews of qt’s. see also high school boyfriend: the scene king.

2. bane logo tee


omg, a true classic. everyone had this shirt. everyone. no matter if your tendencies were metalcore, fashioncore, emotive hardcore or tr00 hardcore, a bane logo tee was essential. for a long time, it felt like at least one member of one band would be wearing a bane shirt at any given show. see more about the bane merch legacy here and here

3. thursday full collapse-era white dove tee


this shirt was worn mostly by approachable emos - nice guys with mainstream rapport. my realest memory of this shirt was via my emo manager at junky food service job i had when i was 16. he would layer it underneath his work uniform. he was cute, wonderfully friendly, loved talking about alternative press buzz bands and didn’t get mad at me for stealing food.

4. the locust locust tee


this shirt reminds me specifically of a skinny, black-haired dude who looked fashioncore but was too legit to get called a poser. he had a really cool dgaf attitude - he was straightedge one minute, experimented with drugs the next and didn’t bother trying to explain himself. extra crush points for anyone who had the camo version (sup) or the holy grail of scene point apparel, the belt buckle.

5. underoath dripping pink cross tee


by the time every scene dude was sporting this shirt, it was a thing to be a vain myspace webcam whore. myspace replaced the tightpants livejournal community, various scene message boards and makeoutclub as my main source for hot scene boy p0rn and oh man was there a lot of it *insert 3 praying hands emojis*. the hot pink cross on this tshirt was a nice fashioncore detail which i think paved the way at an early stage for zany neon scene merch


post-myspace era bands covering emo classics

posted on August 26, 2014

i estimate roughly 2005-2010 as the years when myspace music really carved its legacy. 2005 because that’s when i remember first hearing about bands (mainly panic! at the disco) making it big through myspace and when i used myspace as a reliable source for discovering new music…and new scenester boys. 2010 because that’s when myspace had blown up so much that it was no longer a credible niche community. it was as if the more it became polluted with glitter graphics, tweens & spam users, the more the music followed suit. soon the site would fold but the style of music it inspired would live on. 

pulling inspiration from emo, screamo, metalcore, dance punk, electroclash and pop punk, myspace brought previously underground music styles to trendy, commercialized, youth-infested levels. following its demise, it had distorted the word “emo” into one that makes you picture people like this.

myspace drove a total disconnect between o.g. scene people and the tweens they’d eventually influence. after all of this, it’s quite nice to see a few post-myspace era bands pay tribute to their forefathers!

fall out boy covering “save your generation” by jawbreaker

fall out boy’s success preceded their identity as a “myspace band”  but it’s highly likely that every person still caught living the myspace life regards fall out boy as frontrunners of the genre. 

hellogoodbye covering “a picture postcard” by the promise ring

i don’t know anything about hellogoodbye except that they emerged on drive-thru records just around the time drive-thru folded and were waaay too tumblrcore in a time when tumblrcore didn’t exist yet.

hit the lights covering “snowbirds and townies” by further seems forever

i have never heard this band before but i have seen tweens wearing the tee shirts and they were once signed to the major label i worked for back when i had my ~*dream job*~ in the music industry. solid choice of song to cover though. 

the material covering “red letter day” by the get up kids

based off of my 2.5 song listen, the material seem like a more serious version of paramore. this song is actually part of a get up kids tribute album put out by pacific ridge records - a pop punk label inspired by the movielife and probably some myspace-related stuff.

also, for good measure, this memorable owl city tweet:

who were your favorite post-myspace era bands? do you think they were inspired by o.g. emo bands?

do you know any other good myspace band covers of emo classics?


high school goes acoustic: acoustic versions of your favorite songs from high school

posted on June 20, 2014

i guess when i say “acoustic versions of your favorite songs from high school”, i really mean “acoustic versions of MY favorite songs from high school” but just as long as you had high school grade emo-punk tendencies in the years surrounding 2003, you’ll appreciate this playlist.


01 absinthe party at the fly honey // minus the bear
02 cute without the ‘e’ // taking back sunday
03 nobody puts baby in the corner // fall out boy
04 knew it all along // midtown
05 the best of me // the starting line
06 woe // say anything
07 view from heaven // yellow card
08 masterpiece // bayside
09 the middle // jimmy eat world
10 i want to hear you sad // the early november
11 junesong provision // coheed & cambria
12 giving it away // mae
13 i was a teenage anarchist // against me!
14 shallow // unwritten law
15 san dimas high school football rules // the ataris
16 from california // the new amsterdams
17 all downhill from here // new found glory
18 you vandal // saves the day

listen to “high school goes acoustic” on spotify »